Another March Success Story from KG Mountain Expeditions!!!!

On Sunday 22nd March 2015, Founder and Mountaineer  Kenyan James KG Kagambi of KG Mountain Expeditions together with Swedish Mountaineer Per Ostberg [Star Fish Mobile] successfully climbed to reach the highest summit of Mawenzi at 5,149 metres (16,893 ft). KG reported ” It was quick and satisfying”

Mawenzi is one of the 3 cones of Kilimanjaro which has been closed due to persistent rockfall. The first ascent of the highest summit of Mawenzi was made on 29 July 1912, by the German climbers Oehler and Klute who christened it Hans Meyer Peak.

We hope this summit will influence the authorities to  reopen the mountain to the public. Look out for more notes and updates from this page. 


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11043306_817674271653205_2821369336290966893_oThe March 2015 duo-expedition by KG Mountain Expeditions to the famed ‘Mountains of the Moon’ – Rwenzoris, was a great success. Led by KG himself and Will Wamaru the trip took 11 day to do the central circuit through John Matte hut- Bunjuku hut- Speke peak- Elena Hut- Margherita- Albert-Alexandra- Kitandara- Mt Baker- Guy Yeoman hut and back to Nyabitaba.10418247_10152646594052204_8651684491968884358_n

The trip hosted Mountain Madness and Call of the Wild both of which are respectable mountaineering outfitters in the U.S.A.

The Rwenzoris are Equatorial mountains that lie in western Uganda along the Uganda-Congo border. They are characterized by snow-capped peaks and thick jungles on the lower slopes. The glaciers of Rwenzori like others in the tropics have been rapidly receding in the last few decades, but, nonetheless it still offer great trekking and glacier travel.

See more to book the trip.

Meanwhile, we await news from KG from his attempt of Mawenzi peaks of Kilimanjaro which have been closed from the public due to presumed high risk of rock fall. His assessment will be crucial to reopening of the routes to the public.



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