Mount Kenya

Trek and climb Africa’s 2nd highest mountain.

Mt Kenya is the 2nd highest mountain in Africa. This 17000 ft mountain offers some the best climbing in the world and best ice climbs in Africa. It has been argued to be a mountaineers mountain unlike Kilimanjaro which is trekkers mountain. Its numerous scraggy peaks covered in snow are sights to behold. The valley running down from this extinct volcano provide breathtaking views and at their bottom is streams running from numerous tans/lakes which are abundant on top of Mt Kenya.

This mountain is where KG Mountains Expeditions was born. We have been running climbing and trekking trips for over 20 yrs and have over this period become the most respected mountain outfitter for Mt Kenya. KG Mountain Expeditions has over its service time been involved in training of most trekking guides on Mt Kenya. KG has been involved at personal level and also through NOLS trained the climbing guides on Mt Kenya.


Climbing to Nelion via the Normal Route.

KG Mountain Expeditions is the sole outfitter with a fully stocked, well maintained and safety proven gear and equipment for Mt Kenya. KG Mountain Expeditions will outfit and lead a climbing trip to Nelion, Batian and other peaks of this majestic mountain.

We also offer trekking trips; whose, goal is to summit the 3rd highest peak on Mt Kenya-Pt Lenana. See trekking itineraries.


KG Mountain Expeditions

We offer rewarding wilderness adventures into the far reaches of East Africa. Our guided expeditions let you experience the wild nature in safety and to the fullest, using any combination of mountain climbing, trekking, walking safaris, rock climbing and cultural education trips.

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